The Lion’s Rage and a Mouse’s Decision – Aaron Bialaszewski – 31″ x 36″ – Dyed Steel



The majestic and mighty lion rages and roars as a storm rolls in. Angered by a single tiny thorn that he cannot remove from his own powerful paw.

Nearby unseen, the lowly common field mouse sits quietly and humbly by. Contemplating; “Do I take action to remove this single thorn for great reward and risk my life? Or is this Beast so blinded with rage I should remain safe and hidden among the grass.”

Are you the lion? Strong, proud, powerful but in need of help? Help you may be blinded to see because of your own thoughts of perceived power and strength?

Or are you the mouse? Small, humble and unseen? Maybe in need of a break in life but possibly too scared to reach for the opportunity when it presents its self?