Taylor S. Monroe

Taylor S. Monroe is a contemporary artist currently residing in San Antonio, Texas where he has lived since 2009. Before moving to Texas, he lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well as his hometown of Ithaca, New York. He also lived and exhibited in New York City where he found many artistic opportunities. Monroe graduated in 2018 from Texas State University with his Bachelor’s degree; during his time as a student, he began pursuing his career as a freelance artist and musician. He had his first gallery display in San Marcos, Texas, and from there, his work was published in his university’s art magazine, Persona. He was then offered his first solo show in San Antonio at the Weston Centre in early 2019. Following the success of this show, his work was chosen by the Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey for their annual auction, Art Uncorked. In August 2021, his digital art was chosen to be included in an upcoming coloring book project for social media entrepreneur, Fashionlush. In addition, he also regularly works on commission pieces for private clients and exhibits in venues across San Antonio.

“Seven years ago, I found my passion for painting when my fiancée gave me a wooden easel, a canvas, and a set of acrylic paints. As a musician, I had been aware of my synesthesia, but when I started painting, I was able to put brush to canvas and create a representation of what it brought to life inside my head. When I start a new piece, I choose a specific song, artist, or genre to listen to while I work, and I allow the music to guide my vision for each piece. My synesthesia dictates the colors and patterns within each painting. I paint on a vast range of canvas sizes, and I work with a multitude of tools to create textures and layers of impasto. I also work with other mediums including digital art, photography, and charcoal.”

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