Safa Rubaye

Dr. Safa Rubaye is self-taught artist. He has had a passion for art since he was very young. He has always been dedicated to polishing his style and philosophy in this area of his life. He is also an avid proponent of Classicism and Postmodernism in art. He studied medicine at the University of Baghdad, which provided him with extensive knowledge in human anatomy, a theme reflected in his artwork. His major theme revolves around the human experience and exploration of the human psyche, which is enriched by his training in psychiatry. His work is diverse and spans various styles such as Surrealism, Abstract, and Impressionism. He diverse use of media includes oil, acrylic, pastel, graphite, and colored pencils. In his spare time, Dr. Rubaye enjoys learning as much as he can about philosophy, psychology, mythology, and chess.

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