Musetta Aponte

My name is Musetta Aponte, and I paint the daunting beauty of earth’s atmosphere. This is a lifelong passion that began in rural Wyoming; where time and distance allows a young imagination to explore the natural world and inevitably look up. For me, the sky holds an infinite wealth of ephemeral beauty that cannot be monopolized by any corporation or organization. My two goals are: 1) to echo the reality of natural beauty as a reminder that every day is filled with incomparable, breathtaking artistry that flashes and fades, too often unnoticed and 2) to encourage every viewer to look up and aspire to something greater, and even though they may be frightened or overwhelmed, to attempt something beautiful. My work has increasingly found praise by the art world. In 2015, I was a finalist in the Huntington Art Prize and was featured in Bombay Sapphire’s Austin Art Exhibition in 2017.

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