Monic Reyes

Monic Reyes is a self-taught fine art abstraction artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. From a young age Monic would spend her time drawing, sewing clothing for her dolls and creating school art projects, she loved anything where she could share her self-expression and creativity. She holds an intensive background in fashion as she has for several years co-designed alongside her mother for their fashion design company Malen Reyes Couture. Through time she discovered and explored her creativity which led her to have many other interests like photography, interior design and art. It wasn’t until 2015 in search of paintings for her mother’s home that Monic picked up a paint brush and in that moment she knew that she found her true passion. Monic believes her talent and eye for creativity is owed to her mother who has always encouraged and inspired her to create without limits and boundaries.

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