Monic Reyes

Monic Reyes is a self-taught contemporary artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. From a young age, Monic would spend her time sewing clothing and all things related to art. She loved projects where she could express herself and explore her imagination. For several years Monic had co-designed for Malen Reyes Couture, a fashion brand created by her mother. As time went on Monic ventured into other areas to explore her interests in photography, interior design, and make-up artistry. In 2015, Monic picked up a paintbrush and created a centerpiece for her mother’s living room. Little did Monic know, this would be the catalyst for her to enter professionally into the industry. Her passion for abstract art has since been featured in several showings, exhibitions, and magazines. Much of her inspiration is derived from her mother’s background, her unique style, and her culture. Monic hopes to capture her vision of life, love, and self-expression in all of her works.

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