Monic Reyes

Monic Reyes was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. From a young age, Monic always had an interest in the arts and enthusiastically ventured into projects that allowed her to explore her imagination. This thirst for creativity was later nurtured by her mother through her fashion brand, Malen Reyes Couture. Monic was made creative director and for several years co-designed alongside her mother. During that time she immersed herself in photography, interior design, and make-up artistry, and developed a keen eye for aesthetics.

In 2015 she picked up a paintbrush and embarked on her journey of breathing life into the canvas. The satisfaction she derives from the appreciation of her art propels her forward. Having had her works featured in national galleries and international publications, she longs to showcase her pieces in galleries worldwide. The dream of her artwork being displayed and admired in art hubs globally pushes her to reach for greater heights. Monic is a visionary artist who left her mark on the art world for eight years. Her imaginative brilliance and freedom of expression are brought to life by bold, dynamic abstract forms, and rich, vibrant colors.

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