Mary Jean Ruhnke

Mary Jean Ruhnke spends her life amidst a black and white world of expectations and false realities. To escape them, she brings together the juxtaposition of acrylic pigments and ink to depict her emotional state. The birds within her works are a reflection of her spirit. They depict her vulnerability, strength, splendor for life, and immense desire to be free from society’s expectations. Her deep Christian faith shines out in her paintings. The way the corvids so vividly differ from the background of this earthly world. She sees the world as a beautiful, highly detailed “backdrop” that we all exist in. The corvid colors set them completely apart from their environments– just as we are complex spiritual beings residing in a sometimes harsh, animalistic state. We as humans are so much more than this temporary world we pass through. We are colorful, extraordinary creatures with aspects that beautifully set us apart.

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