Jim Cox

How do you fill the seemingly endless days of Corona Virus inactivity? That depends. If you are loaded with creative juices that won’t go away, you might just let them flow into the next creative hobby. If you are a “car guy” with a garage full of parts and lots of time on your hands, and in Jim’s case, a singular, used guitar purchased on a whim, you might put them together and see what evolves. Thus was born guitarsAScars in Jim’s specialty garage, a new endeavor for a man full of creative ideas outside his decades-long career designing homes.

One guitar purchase led to the next guitar purchase, and then another, always old, well-used instruments that would be “enhanced” with artistic new life by the addition of, what else? Car parts! And miscellaneous guitar parts, striking paint design, and of course, the occasional Corona beer bottle cap. Sometimes desired parts can’t be easily obtained and must be hand-made. No problem. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Each piece is one of a kind with errors, flaws and imperfections. THE GUITARS ARE NOT PLAYABLE! Their new life is that of a piece of art, sometimes themed, often completely random and always unique. Other car guys will recognize the pieces used. Guitarists will find recognizable parts as well. If you aren’t one or the other, you will find lots to appreciate just looking!

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