Doug Roper

Doug Roper’s love for art and history began with his childhood in Europe, Central America, and multiple states in the US. He has visited 26 countries in his lifetime. The noted sculptor Waldine Tauch encouraged him, and his formal training began at the Warren Hunter School of Art in the 1970s. He spent the first fifteen years doing watercolors, commercial art & architectural renderings. Then, after taking a sculpting course with Louis Guzman, Doug had his first bronze cast in 1988 at Stevens Art Foundry in Bulverde, TX. Since then, he has been creating miniature, life-size, and large commissioned bronze sculptures for individuals, professional organizations, and several universities in Texas. As part of a cultural exchange exhibit in the early 1990s, Doug was selected as one of the ten artists whose work was sent to San Antonio’s sister city in Kyoto, Japan. He is a life member of the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts. Doug believes that he has a responsibility to develop and refine his God-given talent and signs all of his works with an Ichthus as a personal statement of faith.

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